New York University

MA | Economics

As a global nomad, Qingran Zheng lived and studied in Beijing, Macao, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and the USA. A life of adventure has exposed her to vibrant cultural diversity and enabled her to think in both Eastern and Western terms. Qingran receives her BA in economics from the University of Vermont with recognition as an honors college graduate. She is currently based in New York City where she is finishing her master degree at New York University. At the mean time, she is also completing a part-time internship at United Nations Women.

Qingran has various internship and working experiences at banking industry, enterprise, as well as school and NGO, where she builds up her leadership, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills. She is also an enthusiastic explorer of life. When she is not commuting between UN and NYU, she often spends time with a book, a piano, or meditating with some light music.


周一至周日 9:00-18:00