University College Dublin

BA | Business

Imperial College London

MS | Strategic Marketing

Renmin University of China

BA | Economics

With an expertise in Marketing, economics and management related fields, Lokwing has acquired strong insights and rich experience in those fields in terms of applying for master degree for overseas study. Having studied economics in Renmin University and Strategic Marketing in Imperial College, she has gained diversified academic and practical experience in business-related applications. The admissions from NYU, Warwick University, Durham University, HKU, CUHK etc. certified successful application methodologies and strong writing/interviewing skills from her. The variety of internships across financial and consulting industries also equip her with the proficiency in revising career related essays and CV/Resumes.

Past successful experiences with applications or offers:
NYU, MS Integrated Marketing, 2014

Imperial College London, ,MS Strategic Marketing, 2014
Warwick University, MS Marketing, 2014
Durham University, MS Marketing, 2014
Exeter University, MS Marketing, 2014
University of Edinburgh, MS Marketing, 2014
St.Andrews University, MS Marketing, 2014

HKU, MS Corporate Communication, 2014
CUHK, MS Marketing, 2014

L*****i @ 2015-10-10 18:35

Dear Lokwing,
It was such a pleasure to work with you! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I am much more confident with my application to my dream school now. Thank you for the great suggestions and edit.


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